Monday, July 28, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed

So here I am in Edinburgh.  Finally.  Our flight was delayed about five hours.  I didn't even know they let planes take off at 2:30 in the morning.  Needless to say, I'm in a bit of a daze.  Thanks to Anne's Tylenol PM, I got some good hours sleep on the plane.  But then once we arrived, and had to hustle our stuff to our apartment and try to catch the last few minutes of our tech rehearsal, I was surprised how much I was struggling to find nouns or focus my eyes.  I figured it was just bad jet-lag -- until I realized I hadn't had my morning coffee.  That was quickly remedied, and wow I'm such an addict.  Within minutes I was right as rain.

So now I'm sitting in our apartment, which is a very cute little flat right in the historical center of the city, where all the Fringe madness is situated.  An extremely convenient location.  

In one respect, Edinburgh is very much like home.  A familiar-feeling city to any American thanks to the Starbucks, Subways, and Pizza Huts that are scattered about.  However if you tilt your head up, you see gorgeous stone architecture looming above these commercial outposts and you realize you are indeed abroad, and in a very beautiful and historical spot.

The weather is indeed schizophrenic, as we were forewarned.  When we arrived at our apartment it was sunny and a bit warm.  After lugging our heavy suitcases up three flights of stairs and quickly changing clothes, we headed out of the apartment not 15 minutes later and the fog had rolled in.  An hour later it was freezing.  Kind of like living in the Inner Richmond I think.  My brother-in-law would love it here.

The next 24 hours are going to be a doozy.  Thanks to our delayed flight, we missed most of our first tech rehearsal, but our second one is tonight at midnight.  Then our final tech is tomorrow morning.  The rest of the day will be about acclimating, getting a UK phone, finding groceries -- I hope I can have my oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts every morning! -- and resting up.  First preview is Wednesday.  Fingers crossed.

Speaking of resting up, I'm going to see if I can grab a power nap before we meet with our tech person.  Right as rain has deteriorated into biz-hausted.

We have a show blog now too, fyi.

Later skaters,

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