Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A very good day.

Woke up at 8:45am.  Feeling somewhat rested.  Jet lag is improving.  Ate cereal while reading Vanity Fair.  Showered and headed to the venue, picking coffee up on the way.  Tech run-thru went well.

12pm.  Flyered along High Street, a.k.a. The Royal Mile, for the next two hours.  Exhausting stuff.  Retired to apartment at 1pm.  Did I say two hours flyering?  Must have been one.  Felt like more.

Ate Starbucks sandwich, cat-napped for 20 minutes, got ready for show.

3pm.  Our show begins.  Awesome crowd.  We decided to paper the show, i.e. give away free tickets to help generate word of mouth.  Good decision, at least as far as the performance is concerned.  Got tons of laughs, including lots of new laughs from the for-the-Brits jokes.  Our for-the-Americans jokes got laughs too.  Forty-five minutes later, we take our bows.

4pm.  Post-show debrief then back to the house.  Body tired.  

6pm.  Summon energy to go grocery shopping.  Will have to make do with Scottish milled "porridge oats".  I'm sure they are just like Quaker but I'm suspicious.  Blueberries and walnuts look good though.

7pm.  Hang around house b-s-ing with Anne and Jeff.  We're feeling great about our show.  Up top.

8pm.  Pasta e fagioli and bad wine for dinner.

9:30pm.  See our technician's husband in comedy show.  Laugh a lot.  Emcee flirts with the pretty Americans forced to sit in the front row.  (The pretty Americans are me and Anne.)

11:40pm.  Blogging about my good day.  Tomorrow we're taping a scene from our show for the BBC and are getting interviewed for a segment on what will happen to comedy in the post-George Bush era.  What was that?  Oh yes, that's right, I'm being TAPED AND INTERVIEWED by the BBC.  I'm sure it's less exciting than it sounds, but still.  In the evening, we're splitting time between our venue's Press Party, and two "it" parties we got invites to.  I am so on the scene.  I wonder if I'll fool anyone into thinking I'm cool.

Love to all,

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