Tuesday, August 12, 2008

America Ferrera

Okay, people.  Now that I have you all in a captive audience, I'm going to show you something.  This is for all you non-believers out there:

I do SO look like America Ferrera.  And I KNOW I'm skinnier than her blah blah blah, but she still looks like me.  And if you knew me ten years ago you'd say we were freaking twins.  Here's the proof:

And in other news, it's raining and we had a horrible audience.  Tonight I'm working my batting my eyelashes skills in the late night clubs, at the behest of our PR guy.  Apparently we're not "hanging out" enough.  So tonight we're "hanging out."  All for the love of theater.

1 comment:

S said...

you forgot to add "better-looking, smarter, funnier, and all-around more awesome."

and, yes, i've always seen the resemblance, though it's been awhile since i've seen you playing wii or PS2 or whatever the heck that game player is, so i can't be certain....

and thank you for the blog. i've had the best time reading it and hearing about all the happenings over there. what fun!