Friday, August 15, 2008


I think that's a lovely way to put it.

So you regular readers may have noticed that my quote-unquote review section has undergone some changes.  After the incident described in my post "Instant Karma" below, I made changes to the column to reflect what I would actually say to a performer in person.  Because anything I wouldn't say to someone's face must surely be born of my own ego desiring to be clever.

But today I had an encounter with another lovely young performer who'd I previously noted eyeing me on the streets, and whom I therefore suspected of also having read my column.  I was grateful to speak to her, to apologize, and to tell her I hadn't been acting out of my best self.  And in that conversation, she put it perfectly -- it's unsportsmanlike.  And I agree.

So it's come down, the column.   And my apologies to anyone else who Googled themselves and found me on the other end behaving poorly.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I had been wanting to share mine.  But it was a poor choice all things considered, even if I only thought the blog was being read by my parents and friends

It's been an interesting week.  Especially for someone who absolutely cannot stand to have people dislike me!  But I'm grateful for the lesson. 

I can hear my brother smiling with a gentle " I told you so."  Love you, too.


PS - And now I have to dash out and flyer some more!  I only came back to grab some more buttons to give out, but couldn't resist taking down the column immediately and writing this!  Again -- can't stand people disliking me!  Must correct immediately!  Ahhh, Anna.  Ain't it fun being human?

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