Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm only happy when it rains

Good song, but not remotely true of me.

Rain, rain, go away.  First day in Scotland where it's been nonstop rain.  The festival is quite another animal on days like this.  For one thing, the streets are practically empty, save for the sorry lot who are out flyering for the livelihoods.  We were lucky enough to avoid being among that sorry lot as our venue (the Gilded Balloon) is one of the "big four" at the Fringe, with many venues in one building along with various cafes and bars.  So we were able to flyer indoors to folks eager to stay sheltered once they arrived.  

As a result, our show was pretty well attended and they seemed to enjoy themselves as well.  Anne, Jeff, and I felt great about the performance -- more relaxed and present than other recent shows -- and our tech person Laura collected many "excellents" and "really enjoyed its" from folks as they exited.

I'm a bit nervous though because we have our first big review coming out soon.  The reviewer was in yesterday with one of our less lively crowds, for a performance when I felt I was pushing a bit.  I'm tripping on it a bit, convinced I'll be humiliated.  Typical actor insecurities.

Some pics for you.  This first one is of a sign on a bus shelter:

What is anti-climb paint?  Kinda asks to be tested, don't you think?

The view from near Princes Street reminds me of San Francisco.  Fuzzy pic.

Your ever humble blogger.  Thanks for reading everyone.   

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