Sunday, August 03, 2008

Opening Day

Official opening day of the Fringe and feeling fine.  

Another great show with a big audience and lots of laughs.  Not sure where the swell in audience is coming from -- be it flyering, 2 for 1 (which would only account for today's audience not yesterday's), the weekend, or simply more Fringe-goers arriving -- but I'll take it.  People seem to be enjoying it.  Had a couple groups tell our tech person on the way out that the show was terrific and that they'd be sure to see Jeff's stand-up too.  And we overheard from backstage some Scots in the front row saying, "It was really good, wasn't it?  Really well done." 

What does it say about me that I keep thinking these are people paid to say these things within earshot?

Oh and apparently I have a fan who told our tech person, "tell that one girl in the blue dress she's hot."  Nice.  It must be the silver spandex.

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