Monday, August 04, 2008

The Dip

I was once told that on a three week road trip, in the first week, everything's grand, you're on an adventure, excitement runs high.  In the second week, you're tired, you're crabby, you hate everyone, and you just want to be pampered.  In the final week, you let go, relax, and become one with the transient nature of life.

This is the beginning of the second week.

Show was a bit off today.  We seemed to be rushing, or off, or otherwise not quite present.  In my three-part "Emancipation" scene, in which I'm the focal character, I could tell I had lost them.  And it wasn't just because I could hear crickets.  

And yet, there were still plenty of laughs overall.  I think that's a testament to our writing that even in when the scene is falling flat, eventually we get to a line that's sure-fire, we get a big laugh, and are buoyed again.  So I'm proud of that.

Less proud of the crickets.

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Sarah said...

I just found your blog - and I'm SO jealous! I spent a summer at the Fringe a few years ago, and I've been longing to go back to Edinburgh since... well... since about half an hour after I left... =)

Glad to hear your show is going so well - and if the mid-fringe slump starts to get to you, take a couple hours and climb to the top of Arthur's Seat - there's nothing in the world that that view can't cure...

Have a good time! =)