Saturday, August 09, 2008

Reviews, news, the New Zoo Review

Does anyone besides my mother remember The New Zoo Review?  Giant hippo, giant owl, Gary Gnu -- any gnews is good gnews with Gary Gnu?  

So this is what I got:

News: Our show getting filmed today for inclusion in some Fringe "channel" on The YouTube; interview with Fresh Air tomorrow -- although it's not the cool NPR show, but a Scottish radio show of the same name.

Zoo:  This place is a zoo.  In a delightful way, for the most part.  Our apartment is right across the street from a cool pub called the Tron.  Great place to hang out, have a pint of Magners, and some "healthy option" lasagne that comes smothered in cheese.  But it also tends to spill out masses of loud, rowdy Scottishmen at about five in the morning, who invariably begin reenacting some famous football (soccer) play or engage in a complex singing cheer with many verses.  I have earplugs so I actually find it endearing.  

Review: Three stars from Three Weeks, a rather big publication here.  You may recall that recently I've been sweating my performance and feeling I'd lost the funny in my "Emancipation" scene.  Which I still think is true.  But then this eff-er comes along and says my character has the best lines and that "Emancipation" is the strongest bit of the show.  I'll never understand this business, so why do I keep trying?  Full review is here today, Saturday the 9th, and here after today.  You're looking for Issue 07 from Friday 8th August.  Don't you love how Europeans do dates?

And P.S. - I guess it says something about my continued innocence in adulthood that I was so surprised and disappointed about John Edwards's affair.  Geez Louise.

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Sarah said...

Ahhh, I have fond memories of the Tron - that's where I had my first ever encounter with Brown Sauce! Wish you could buy that stuff here in the States...

One of the Scottish actors who was in our show worked at the Tron, so the daily rallying cry after rehearsal was "Let's go to the Tron - beer and burgers, $3.95!" Can't say I was ever among those tumbling out at 5am, though... =)